How to Join KAMP!

  1. Watch the eight DJ training videos at this link

  2. After viewing and studying the videos, email Brody Dryden, the General Manager, at or Bennett Tolar, the Programming Director, at set up a time and day to take your DJ test.

    • If you do not pass your test on the first attempt, no worries. You will still be assigned to a DJ, but you will have to retake the test after your two-week internship.

  3. Fill out the New Member Sign-Up Sheet by clicking this link, and we will assign you to an existing DJ for an hour show, once a week, for two weeks.

    • You may skip this step if your responses to the internship time slots have not changed, since you have already filled out the sheet.

  4. After your internship, make sure you have completed and submitted your DJ checklist (filled out by you and the DJ you interned with) to the Programming Director/Programming Director desk/Programming Director mailbox.

  5. Pick up a Volunteer Agreement form at the Programming Director Desk and fill it out. Once you've filled it out, turn it in to Nancy Greene at Daily Wildcat, University Services Building Rm 301A.​​

    • Once a week has passed since you've turned in the form, go to and enter your Keyless PIN. This will give you CatCard access to the station.

  6. Once completed, fill out the programming sheet at

    • This is where you will sign up for a day and time-slot to host your show

  7. Turn in your $20 dues to the front desk of the Daily Wildcat, University Services Rm 301.


Once your dues and required documents are turned in, we will be able to schedule you for your very own one-hour show!


*One last note: make sure that you have made a RadioActivity account (at in order to log your show!

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