You want music? We got it! We'll even play it!

Music and Lights

$350 3hrs + $75/add'l hr (Regular Rate)

$300 3hrs + $50/add'l hr (UA Rate)

Lights Only

$150 3hrs + $75/add'l hr (Regular Rate)

$100 3hrs + $50/add'l hr (UA Rate)

Music Only

$300 3hrs + $75/add'l hr (Regular Rate)

$250 3hrs + $50/add'l hr (UA Rate)

Music Per Hour

If less than 3 hours

$125/hr (+ 25/hr including lights)

Scheduled Gigs

Want to Join the Mobile DJ Crew?

Email Aidan Moncrief at mobiledj@kamp.arizona.edu

Want to Book a DJ?

Email Hibah Ilyas at marketing@kamp.arizona.edu

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